Here is a message, shared today, by an MRC Unit Leader.

DMRC Mission Statement

To serve the state of Delaware by establishing, implementing, and sustaining Delaware’s reserve units of medical and non-medical volunteers to strengthen the public health infrastructure, improve emergency preparedness response, and increase community resilience in Delaware.


September 11, 2019

It is the 18th anniversary of the painful events that birthed the Medical Reserve Corps. Today all the children, even the babes in utero, of those who were lost have reached adulthood. A generation has passed.

Have we as a nation, state, county, town made our residents safer? Have we made them more resilient, prepared to respond to emergency events? Increased our community’s knowledge and made them more capable of working together?

Are we done?
Have we as a corps trained completely? Are we ready to face any emergency that may befall our town? Are we united as a team – shoulder to shoulder ready to stand together to respond and lead our neighbors? Are we prepared to assist others in our region should they need our help?

Are we done?
Has our community written all the appropriate emergency plans? Have our volunteer teams been incorporated into those plans, been trained and tested? Do we have enough trained volunteers to handle any emergency event we may encounter?

As the years go by and 9-11 becomes a piece of history, we cannot let our commitment wane or our preparation plans grow dust. When we fall asleep in complacency, those negative forces in our world that are ever-vigilant will rise.

Life since 9-11 for all of us seems to have grown infinitely more busy, more stressful. Giving up an hour or a morning to train or give back to our community is often in conflict with 10 other obligations or the chance for a blessed hour of much needed peace a quiet. Do what you can. Do a little, do a lot, just don’t stop! Find someone younger than you to inspire!

We are never done!
I am thankful every day for each and every one of you. I am proud of all we have accomplished as a unit. I look forward with delight at all that lies ahead of us. I can say, we have honored all those who gave so very much on this day.

Jill Heinking BSN, RN
Public Health Nurse Director
Mount Prospect Medical Reserve Corps